Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Have I mentioned how sweet my husband is?

My husband is a subtle kind of guy. He isn't the type to buy dozens of roses on Valentines day or splurge on the most expensive gifts on your birthday (don't even ask me what he once bought me on mothers day)! Instead, he will do small things that show that he obviously cares - here is my new favorite.

Joe was born and raised in Hong Kong, so his first language is Cantonese. On mainland China, the official language is Mandarin. Cantonese and mandarin do not sound the same, although they share the same characters. In other words, people speaking to each other in those languages couldn't communicate, but if they wrote down the characters, then they could both understand since they have the same meaning - pretty neat. Joe is fluent in Cantonese and if he really concentrates he can understand a little bit of Mandarin, although he is far from fluent.

Anyway, I recently started getting Joe some books-on-tape for him to listen to on his commute to/from work. He has gone through the DaVinci Code and the last two Harry Potter books. He really enjoys getting in some reading time while driving. His newest book is a "learn to speak Mandarin" tape. He hadn't shown all that much interest in learning how to speak mandarin before, so I was really touched when he told me why he is listening to the tapes. Since we don't know which Provence our new daughter will come from (either Mandarin or Cantonese speaking), Joe wants to brush up on his Mandarin so he can speak to her in her native language and put her at ease right away. AWWWW - isn't that the sweetest!

Now all he has to do is teach me (yeah right)!

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Old Lush said...

What did he buy you on Mother's Day? Come on...?

Subtle is better...actually I blogged a few months back about how getting all those flowers isn't that big of a deal. What matters most is that your husband loves you and shows you in those little ways. I think that's great that he's doing that!