Saturday, February 11, 2006

What object doesn't belong?

Look closely at the following pic of my family room. Can you see what object should not be there? If you guessed the toilet bowl, you are a winner! Why is there a toilet bowl sitting in my family room you ask? I really thought it would lend itself to the decor and also be more convenient for potty breaks.

In all seriousness, my husband has been hard at work redoing our powder room and mudroom which is right next to our family room. He and Leah assembled the toilet the other day and so now it is ready to go.

The pics below are of the new light fixture and also the new tile floor. I decide to go with a bold color choice and I really love it. It is called Pilgrimage Foliage from Benjamin Moore. I will post more pics once the entire project is finished.


Eileen said...

I love the color! Your family room is very nice too. I am decorating-challenged unfortunately.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

OK, I kinda like the living pic with the toilet in it. Yep, call me strange. It's sort of modern-artsy, you know? Very possibly frameable!

Thanks for the grin this morning. :-)

Georgia and Jeff said...

Hey there...I just saw your comment on my blog. How did I miss it before??? No idea!! But I wanted to say Hi. I've read your blog and we've got lots in common! (tastes in books, movies, and knitting) My fanciest project was a dog sweater. I like cables and stuff, but I can't seem to advance to a multi-piece project.

And I love the color. Good choice.


Juliet said...

Lools good! My mom has a similar color in the entrance to her condo, and it's worked out well for you. I'm sure you will be happy with it. :-)

AmericanFamily said...

That is too funny. I think the toilet adds a nice touch to the living room.

Mama-Beans said...

Hey, I want a toilet in MY living room!!

(LOVE the color and tiles!)

tyn said...

I grew up in a diy- home rebuild/add on/remodel kind of house. There was a ladder going to the upstairs bedrooms for easily 10 years. The toilet in the living room sadly just made me feel kind of at home. By the way, I can carry a wicker basket full of laundry up or down a ladder with ease. Handy talent to have.Thanks for the laugh!