Sunday, February 05, 2006

What about Mommy

For the most part, my daughter is pretty well behaved. She has an excellent attention span and listens well, she doesn't cry in the store when I won't buy her something, you can even take her out to dinner and she is an angel.

Once in a while though, that cute little thing turns into a little monster. Case in point, check out the blog my girlfriend Nicole just set up at In the "how embarrassing" post she mentions a scenario in which we found ourselves the other day. What she didn't tell you is that when I tried to remove Leah from the situation, she total freaked out and hit, kicked and even tried to bite me! I had to physically pick up all 36 pounds of her with arms and legs flailing and then get her in a car seat. What a scene!

Weren't the terrible twos supposed to end when they were still two? Have you heard the saying "little kids, little problems - big kids, big problems." If this is a little problem, I can't wait to find out what the teenage years will be like! Yikes!


Nicole said...

I'm holding on the idea that kids turn into angels when they hit 4-years-old. Isn't that true???

daphne & greg said...

It gets worse-they become teenagers!!!!