Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Things that I am (currently) obsessed with

I say currently because this list will probably change within a month or so (obviously I don't have the greatest attention span).

  1. This blog - my husband and I stayed up until 11:30 last night trying to make our blog more custom and add the new title picture. I am still not happy with the exact placement of the pic, so maybe he will have to stay up until midnight tonight.
  2. Other peoples blogs - want to find out about what the newest yarn that is all the rage? Check out a knitting blog. How about your fellow desperate house wives? Just check out www.crazyhipblogmamas.com. You can find anything and everything on a blog!
  3. Jazzercise - I am not the type of person who likes to exercise and yet since starting at a local Jazzercise place I have really gotten into it. Jazzercise is a mix of aerobics, kickboxing, dancing, weight training and everything in between. We use weights and an exercise ball, which I am deathly afraid of falling off of!
  4. Our adoption - I thought the wait wouldn't be so bad, and in many ways it isn't. We now have plenty of time to convert our daughter's old bedroom into a new nursery for the little one. Also, I have really tried to appreciate all the alone time that I currently spend with my daughter, since I know that will change in the near future. Still, it drives me crazy that you don't have any real idea when we will be able to go to China and get her.

Well, that's it for today. Like I said, I will probably alter this list every once it a while, although I have a feeling that last one will still be listed.


Lisa~~ said...

Love the new look! It is very easy to get blog obsessed.

Old Lush said...

It IS easy to get blog obsessed. I never thought I would, and I did. Thanks for visiting mine, and by all means, you are welcome to add my link.

Your daughter is very cute, by the way!