Thursday, January 26, 2006

We are moving forward!

On Tuesday our social worker came for a visit to our home - the last of four face to face meetings. While she took notes about our house, Joe and I read through an 11 page report about our lives. It was kind of weird to read about ourselves on paper. My favorite part was when she wrote (twice no less) that Joe enjoys to cooking "Delicious Chinese meals" in his spare time. Now don't get me wrong, occasionally Joe does cook and his meals are pretty yummy, but when I think about the words DELICIOUS CHINESE MEALS, it makes me think of his sister Lucy, who is truly a wonderful cook! :)

Once the homestudy has been submitted to our adoption agency (hopefully within the next week), they will notify us by mail and then send the report to the USCIS (US Citizen and Immigration Services) . It generally takes the USCIS 2-3 weeks to send us an invitation to have our fingerprints taken. Once that is finished, it should take around 2-3 more weeks for the USCIS to send out our approval (or 171-H) back to our adoption agency. Then, it will take approximately 4-6 more weeks for this form to be authenticated! Yikes! We are now looking at approximately 12 more weeks until we are DTC (dossier to China). Barring any major problems, I guess that means that we will be logged into the Chinese government system by sometime in May.

I am still hopeful that we will be able to go get our little girl by Christmas, but am unsure if this is realistic. We just have to wait and see.


Lisa~~ said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for visiting our blog. Congrats on finishing up your home study and hopefully the process will move along quickly for you. I have added you as a link on my site. Looking forward to following along on your journey.

The Pajama Mama said...

What I found "odd" about the homestudy was "people" were actually going to deem us worthy (or not) simply by reading a report about us. No face to face (from the people making the ultimate decisions), nothing more than what was written on paper...which was information given straight from us. It's a very odd process, looking back. But I'd do it all over again since it brought our little one home!

Good luck!