Monday, January 22, 2007


Above is my little darling right before dance class last week. On her wrist is the medical ID bracelet she wears whenever we go out of the house. It simply states that she has Epilepsy.

Did I ever imagine that my daughter Leah, who spoke full sentences at 17 months, has a love of art and music, who is a master at board games, would have to see a Neurologist on a regular basis? Nope. Do I worry about her each and every time she heads off to preschool. Yep. But this is what parenthood is all about, isn't it.

It starts when you first become pregnant, or begin the adoption process. Is the baby developing in the womb? Is my child being cared for by her birth mother or the orphanage that she is in? Will I be a good parent? After your child is with you, then there is a whole bunch of other stuff you need to worry about. Is he/she gaining enough weight? Are they walking or talking on time? Do they listen to their teacher at school? Will they attend college? Can I actually afford college? YIKES!

The fact is, you never, ever stop worrying about your children or their future. We cannot change the fact that my daughter has Epilepsy. This is life and we need to deal with it.

I have learned one wonderful thing from this diagnosis. That people, some of whom I have never even met, have contacted me to tell me about how they deal every day with having Epilepsy. The fact that they would open up to me and share their experiences is really amazing. For this I am truly grateful.

Oh, and about that medical ID bracelet. It was made by this really great organization called Lauren's Hope. Made for children and adults, Lauren's Hope makes very beautiful ID bracelets. You really can't see it, but Leah is wearing their pink braided bracelet. Unless she has her hands up like in the photo, you would just assume that she was wearing pretty pink jewelry. The jewelry was designed so that kids would want to wear it. Leah now likes to show hers off!


Johnny said...

It's too bad she has this shyness problem that's apparent in your photo!


It's good to read your thoughts about the worry that goes with being a parent.

So true.

Christina said...

It's so funny but in a recent article I was reading and confirmed in a discussion with my neurologist is that disorders like epilepsy, ADHD, Asperger's, etc. come with some downfalls, but for some reason seems to be the thing that prompts the brain into being sometimes more highly developed. This all sounds very strange, but you can read about it many places. I know my neighbors son who has Asperger's is extremely difficult to understand sometimes, but when my satellite or computer won't work the kids can fix it and he is only 13. His brain power is amazing, yet some of this other skills are not normal. Must be something to it.

Wendy said...

I hate to see a child wearing one because I never want to see a child with a medical problem. But I love it when I do see one as a medic because it sure makes my job easier, especially when they are at school and the parents aren't around. I also like that they are making them trendy and 'cool' to wear! Thanks for being a parent who invests in bracelets like these!

Beckyb said...

NO NO NO - don't feel stupid - I LOVE your book site and I DIDN'T know you were one-in-the-same either!!! Small world - I didn't realize you were adopting!! Happy expediting - I hope it goes well!!! SO great that they will do that!!

Kristin said...

How cute is that photo? And I do believe that Missy Eva has that same dance costume... Target?

As for never not worrying... here is where I get to say... it gets WORSE as they get older... WORSE I tell you!

Viv said...


I didn't know you had kept this site! (duh)

Anyway, pls. send me your address if you don't mind (mailing address). I have something I'd like to send you.)

asiangarden said...

Oh ya, I know all about it!!

Kim M. said...

First off let me start by saying it's nice to see you back. I've really missed you!

I'm so sorry about everything you have been going through with Leah. I know from your blog she is such an amazing bundle of energy and is so smart. I also know from your blog that she has a wonderful family who will do everything to make her life normal and to keep her healthy and safe. I can't say I know how this must feel. Just know I'm thinking of you and offering my support and prayers.

Joannah said...

She's such a darling girl. I hope her Epilepsy will never keep her from having fun and pursuing her dreams.

Carrie said...

Glad to see you're back up and running! I've been watching your other blog too but might not have much time now---we got our referral!

I also wanted to tell you that I too have a child that doesn't step a foot out the door without a medical bracelet and medicine bag because he could die without them. My son doesn't share the same condition as your daughter --he has life threatening allergies which could technically kill him in under 5 minutes--but I know the feelings you are going through of having to learn about something you didn't have a clue about 2 hours ago and the realization that your world has changed forever.

But we are moms and we love our children and we do and learn everything because we have to.

It will get easier to handle but don't be afraid to cry sometimes because you need to.

My son is very happy and healthy and it's been worth every minute of agony.

Hope you get your referral soon and enjoy Jamaica---we'll be in China!!!