Friday, January 26, 2007

Hairless Cats

My husband is an allergy sufferer. His only relief comes when it is super cold outside (which means today, with a high of just 10 degrees, he is feeling good). Over the last few years, he has developed allergy induced asthma, for which he has an inhaler. The fact that we have two really cute but hairy cats probably don't help the situation. Recently, I did a search on the Internet for pictures of the hairless cat (yep, you can get them hairless). The big joke around here is that when Howard and Dumpling have gone to kitty heaven, we will get a hairless one. Leah even wants to name him Fu Fu Cuddly Poops (she heard the name, apparently a character on the animated show Avatar, on a commercial). Only, I am kind of not joking. Ok, they are a bit creepy, but I just love cats and I can't imagine not having one. So, hairless we may go!

Anyway, for more pictures of hairless cats you can check out this blog called Dragonheart's Domain. Otherwise, take a peek at Ugly Overload for some more goofy looking animals.

The pic above is from Ugly Overload.


Doris & Dan Clark said...

Not evoking thoughts of cuddles and kisses. But you do what needs to be done and if that involves hairless kitties, love them tons and tons. I still prefer the furry kind.

Love the name!

Keep smilin!

Beckyb said...

I enjoy cats too so I hear you - anything to at least have a cat!! Our hairy one is SO much work - lots of brushing, cleaning poo off of her bottom daily, washing eyes sometimes -good grief!! But we love her!! Love the name too - so cute!

Kristin said...



Michelle said...

Um.....Eeeew!? But I support your decision, should you decide to get one of course! :)

Wendy said...

That picture totally cracked me up! I am such a fan, so your post cracks me up! Thanks for the smile.

Tammy said...

A little ET-ish.

I'm not really a fan of cats - thier unpredictability freaks me out a bit - but I do have dogs and couldn't imagine our home without our furry (or furless) pets around. Although, I could get used to bald dogs since it would end the battle with the dog hair.

This bald cat reminds me of the mini movie 'The Bound' that is on 'The Incredibles' DVD - a little story about a sheered sheep and his new found freedom without hair.

Leah's choice of name is too cute.

Stacy said...

I thought the Chinese Crested Dog was ummmm...ugly, but those cats win. Wow. I don't mean any disrespect to the hairless cat fans, but they are not for me.

asiangarden said...

Wow! I'm scared! lol

Jodie said...

As creepy as they look, if it's a cat that you love, hair or no hair it's still a cat! Right?

Connie said...

That is some scary stuff! Wow, being awakened at 3AM with one of those guys 'making biscuits' on my chest would freak me right out!

Glad I have you back in bloglines. Otherwise I would have missed this ;0)

How DID you comes across 'Ugly Overload'? There are some creepy critters there.