Monday, July 17, 2006


OK, the original tag says to fill out the below lists with seven items each (i.e. 7 things I can do). To be honest, I am tired and don't feel particularly creative at the moment, so I will list only the most important things. In other words don't bet on seven, ok!

Things I Want To Do Before Dying
See the Taj Mahal, live somewhere other than New Jersey, play with my grandchildren, become a successful Graphic Designer, write a children's book, play a musical instrument and speak Chinese

Things I Can Not Do
Definitely can't sing, play the piano or talk on the telephone for more than five minutes (I really hate the phone)! Speak Chinese - the only Chinese I know is how to say "give me the check" at a restaurant or "he just dropped dead" - believe it or not, these two statements sound VERY similar in Cantonese.

Things I Can Do
Cook, knit, whistle, swim and listen

Things That Attracted Me To My Husband
His sense of humor, work ethic, generosity and most of all the fact that I knew he would make a great dad.

Things I Say Most Often
Just give me one minute, DUH, whatever, I'll love you forever (to my daughter) and various obscenitiess while driving my car.

Books That I Love
The Red Tent, The Kite Runner, Memoirs of a Geisha, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (actually, the whole HP series), The Lovely Bones and The Time Traveler's Wife

Movies That I Love
Sense and Sensibility, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Glory, Pirates of theCaribbeann

So now it's my turn to tag - Buttercup, Collin Chronicles, Maryland Mommy, What about Mommy? and My Wooly Nest - you're IT


Katie J said...

Great list and I peeked at the bloggers you tagged and what a great group! My 7 list coming soon...

K. said...

I got a kick out of your two Chinese phrases you are able to say. Hopefully, you won't ever have to use them at the same time!

Johnny said...

But what if you were at a hoity-toity restaurant and someone "asked for the check" and then "dropped dead" at the sight of said check?


Lisa and Tate said...

Good choices on the books!!!


Doris & Dan Clark said...

The chinese phrases..too funny!

Keep smilin!

Joannah said...

I like your taste in books. :-)

asiangarden said...

Hey! I also hate talking on the phone! Although as a teenager, I used to talk for I hate it, and actually cringe when the phone rings sometimes! lol

Ann said...

Good list. Are you going to try and learn chinese? I tried and it'a a very difficult language...

MrsFortune said...

Chinese? Cantonese or Mandarin or .. ?

LOVE your book list, although I hated "Lovely Bones" but all your other picks are on my list, as well. And I'd like to know more specifics about the obscenities.

wzgirl said...

Hey Stephanie!!! I finally figured out this tagging process. Thanks for thinking of me - now you can check out my responses too! Good luck with the Chinese - did you know that ITUNES has a ChinaPod Podcast with free Chinese lessons. It is fun & useful. WendyZ