Saturday, September 16, 2006

Please give her some love!

My sister Chris, mother of seven kids, shattered her wrist while ice skating the other day. If you could all just stop by her blog here and leave her a little encouraging comment I sure would appreciate it. Getting comments makes her day!

By the way Chrissy, you live in HAWAII. Shouldn't you be sitting on the beach instead of ice skating anyway?

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Christina said...

Ok Steph, very funny. I probably should be on the beach but doesn't it figure I would choose skating? Thanks for the post. Can you believe the size of this thing? At least they made it blue yesterday, so now it looks a little nicer. Thanks to all your friends too, who have already started leaving comments. Maybe I should try to come up with something real witty to attract more blog friends since you are sending some my way. Thanks.