Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cup of Joe

OK, I'll admit it - I am a total sucker for free stuff. So, I signed up at bloggersfuel.com to review the Boca Java line of coffees for bloggers. I got the coffee review kit, hat and mug that says "Always Blog on a full tank." How could I pass it up!

Following is my review of two of their specialty coffees:

Blogger's Boot Up Blend - It is a medium blend of African, Central and South American coffees. They suggest it as a good breakfast blend. Joe and I both enjoyed the taste, although in comparing it to the coffee we usually drink I didn't think it was extraordinary.

Bloggers Pajama Passion - This one, that has flavors of vanilla, kahlua and caramel, faired much better in our taste test. I served it after lunch on Mother's Day. My Mom, who is the ultimate coffee drinker, gave her thumbs up approval and then promptly took the rest of the bag home with her. It was smooth, not to strong and very tasty.


Lisa and Tate said...

Free COFFEE???? Where do I sign up??? I really am trying to get off of this (expensive) addiction before Tate.... I guess I can wait just one more day before I quit!!!


Old Lush said...

Yummy..I love coffee..

Nancy said...

that's cool you signed up, I didn't know. hope you enjoy tasting!

Joannah said...

What fun! I love coffee!

Kristin said...


Damn, how did I miss this???

Katie J said...

Well, I signed up too!

Tammy said...

You know I'll check it out! Love a good cup of coffee - mmmmmmm.

Thanks for the tip.